Having been a promising young teen with a rock vibe, Megan Bennett (aka. Starla Starshine) has emerged from the chrysalis fully reborn. The transformation suits her well. Her new EP Red Lagoon is the sort of dreamy, transcendent music that sets itself apart from the endless tides of made-to-order pop. Exotic textures support pointed lyrics that deliver an authentic vibe that can’t be faked. Starla Starshine is a passionate artist, and she is here to make her voice and beliefs known.  BY: https://peters-principles.com/2018/12/07/10-with-starla-starshine/”



Red Lagoon is a song about letting go of all inhibitions and fully committing to loving someone. Loving someone and bleeding for them. It’s about a ride or die love and about swimming to the deepest depths for the one you love. “In a blood red lagoon I’d drown to save you. In a world without a cure I will be your pill.”



 Only Love is a song about anti prejudices. I touch on all topics I am passionate about such as equality, mental health, suicide prevention, gay and trans rights. This is my Give Peace A Chance for the millennial generation.


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TRACK LISTING:  Red Lagoon, Bad Boys, Lover Man, Lullaby, Gold, Only Love 

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Megan Bennett (aka. Starla Starshine), showed musical prowess long before she could legally drive. A modern day hippy with a rebellious spirit, she's taken all of that and poured into the woman she's become on Red Lagoon.  

"Imagine all the people..." sang a then 13-year-old Starla Starshine as the late singer's music flowed through her bedroom as she went penned her first original song. A modern-day kid at the time with an affinity towards the past. Her core was bohemian but as she stepped further down high school halls, reality set in.  

Her poetic nature first found a couple years prior transformed into lyrics riddled with a rage born from ever-present teen angst. Daydreams filled with performing around the world, Starla Starshine took that newfound angst, paired it with her musical skills and started her first successful band, Rebel Heart.  

Only 15-years-old at the time, KROQ's Rodney "on the Rock" Bingenheimer who then spun "War of Life" on his show. With that, the single took off not only locally in Southern California but England and Japan. It was a wild ride for a teen. So much so she had to take a step back and breath. Let the musical motor of her heart cool for a second. Now she's back in her 20's and revived making music that represents who she is in the present day with her latest release, Red Lagoon.  

Orange County born and raised, Starla Starshine has been through a number of eras when it comes to her musical style. From a hippie loving Lennon fan trying to embrace his essence in modern times to a rocker with an ax to grind to the woman, she is today on Red Lagoon. Lyrically she's still toying with her inner rocker as under a different scope "Bad Boys" could very well be a Joan Jett tune but alas they are not. Instead of rocking it out, Stara Starshine is sonically seducing listeners with her beautiful blend of hypnotizing trance, dark goth vibes and alternative bursts on the title track as well as "Lover Man."  

Starla Starshine showcases she's a sucker for love on the record, but one thing she doesn't mess around with is her charitable efforts when it comes helping those with epilepsy - like her own brother - and being a mental health advocate, especially for children.  

She’s dealt with her own issues and is currently making the final edits on her upcoming book entitled Emotional Overdose. Wanting to address Congress about the book and the state of mental health in America, she notes, "It all comes down to one simple thing. Listen to the children, talk to the children, love your children and do not hate or resent them when they are individuals and not just clones of yourself. If we all listened to the thoughts and hearts of kids, we would be better human beings. They’ve got all the right answers and we need to stop programming them to not feel as they authentically do."  

From a boho-child listening to Lennon records to a rocker with angst in her teens, Starla Starshine emerged in her 20's ready to take on a new chapter in her life as she sets sail with an insatiable love on Red Lagoon. While her music is life, Starla Starshine is also looking to do wonders with not only her epilepsy foundation but for mental health in America as well